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Solar PV Panel 50w Home Use by Hooray

Solar PV Panel 50w Home Use by Hooray
Item# 0023-00101
Buy at SGD $199.95
USD $149.95

Product Description

green eco friendly
Here's one of our best selling and best value 50 watts solar panel. Due to our significant sales volume we are able to provide a super value price of less than USD$3 per watt. This panel usually retails at MSRP S$350 and more. So take advantage of this more than 40% discounted to go green with your very own solar power setup.

With Singapore's abundance of sunlight year round, we should all be doing our part to harness solar energy as a source of renewable energy. Using Solar PV panels to generate electricity from sunlight is one of the easiest way to ease the global energy crisis.

This 50W Solar Panel is a Hooray Energy product. This Solar PV panel utilize a light weight and durable Anodized Aluminium 'C' Frame with a total weight of only 5.8kg, and size of 784mm x 506mm x 35mm. The solar cell type used in this panel is Polycrystalline Silicon with the superstrate (glass) of Tempered Solar Glass.

Under optimal conditions this Solar panel is capable of generating a peak power voltage of 17.5V and max current of 2.86A. Each panel is designed with 2 built-in Bypass Diode.

Detail Specifications:

Total weight : 5.8kg, Size Dimensions : 784mm x 506mm x 35mm, Cell Type: Polycrystalline Silicon, No. of Cells : 36, Voltage at Peak Power : 17.5V, Current at Peak Power : 2.86A, Bypass Diode : 2, Junction Box IP Rating : IP65, Frame : Anodized Aluminium 'C' Frame, Superstrate (Glass) : Tempered Solar Glass,


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