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Wall Decal Stickers Buying Guide

Wall Decal Stickers Buying Guide
One of the growing trends in home decor is the increasing use of Wall Decal Stickers that adds instant personality to any living room or bedroom.

In a way wall decals is a modern version of wall papers that was popular in some parts of the world. However for Singapore's warm humid weather wall papers can be challenging. Wall decals are sort of a compromise with see through backgrounds that blends the different foreground design patterns perfectly with the wall color that you have.

The affordability of good quality wall stickers means that every room and interior nook can be generously transformed with the right look. When applied and removed carefully these wall decal stickers can be reused which means you can change the look and feel without the hassle of painting or noisy renovation works.

Wall Decal Hands-on Trials

Our modus operandi at BOS is to make sure we have understood and tested our new products before listing them for online sale at our site.

From our survey of the wall decals market and our conversations with local, China and Korea suppliers, we will be focusing on the following types of Wall Decals:

+ Vinyl Wall Decals(with mono colors), + PVC Wall Decals (with full colors).

Here's a preview of some of our upcoming Wall Decals offerings :

Tree Motif Wall Sticker Decals:

wall decals trees

Flower Motif Wall Sticker Decals:

wall decals trees

More Wall Decals to Brighten Up Your Kids Room:

wall decals trees

Pet Lovers will Love these Dogs & Cats Themed Wall Decals:

wall decals trees

Vinyl Wall Decals

The key benefits of vinyl decals are that they are relatively easy and fast to apply. Another plus in its favor is that the final result (assuming it was applied correctly) is absolutely stunning with a "painted-on" look even when viewing at close range.

Depending on the quality most vinyl decals can be repositioned if done during the 1-2 hours of application. However, its important to note that realistically speaking nearly all vinyl decals are "single-use". That's because the vinyl material usually stretches and tears if it is removed after being on the wall for a while.

Test of Vinyl Wall Decal Jan 2012 :

Here's some photos of our vinyl decal sticker application process and the final remarkable "painted" result. Basically the application involves a stencil like transfer of the pre-aligned configuration onto your wall.

Vinyl Wall Decal Test

More Vides on Wall Decals :

See these videos for more home decor design ideas with wall decals. These are also "Hot-To" videos that shows you some great tips on how to apply and customize your favorite designs.

Even "Wallpaper" type decals:

More coming soon ...

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