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All About Light Bulb Fixture Standards used in Singapore

Light Bulb Fixture Size Standards in Singapore
Have you taken a close look at the light bulbs including the recessed down lights in your homes? If you had the need to replace to replace some of them then you would have taken note of the fixture size and standard designations.

Singapore's electrical standard largely follows that of Europe, more specifically that of the United Kingdom (UK).

In the case of Singapore our power outlets and hence our electrical appliances uses 220V (volts) AC domestic power, which in turn means that the E27 and E14 are the most common light bulb fixture sizes, although the bayonet mount is also used.

The designation Exx refers to the diameter in millimeters. For example, E14 has a diameter of 14 mm while the nearly as common E27 has a diameter of 27mm.

Most Singapore homes and offices have recessed lights or what we commonly call down lights.

The down light fixture standard is the MR16 and MR11 These were originally used standard formats for halogen Multifaceted Reflector (MR)light bulbs made by a variety of manufacturers. MR16-format LED lamps are also available.

Certain MR16 lamps can operate directly on the mains voltage. These lamps typically use a GU10 turn-and-lock base, so they cannot be accidentally interchanged with low-voltage lamps. They are often referred to as GU10, rather than MR16 lamps.

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