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Guide to Buy Solar PV Panels Online in Singapore

Guide to Buy Solar PV Panels Online in Singapore
Here's our simple guide to what is required to start using the abundantly free solar energy for your energy needs. Here's where you can select and know what to buy to have your own solar powered generating system.

Ever wanted to save money on your electricity bills and save the planet too while you're at it? The great thing about solar energy is that its free and a sustainable form of energy. One of the key obstacle to tapping on solar power is the relatively high cost of the solar Photo Voltaic Panels and the devices like charge controllers and such that is required to complete the solar powered generation system.

The good news is that the price of solar panels and associated devices have become steadily more affordable over the years. At the same time solar related technology have become more efficient and versatile especially in the last decade.

All this means that world wide and especially here in Singapore where we can nearly year round sunshine, the tipping point of wide spread solar usage is nearly upon us.

Setting up your own sunlight powered electricity generation system involves answering a few simple question based on your unique needs.

1. Which Solar Panel?

The first question that you should ask yourself is how much time and effort do you want to spend on this?

Buy or Build Your Solar Panels?

If you are prepared to spend significant sweat and tears on this solar project then do take a look at our range of DIY stuff that can help. However, if you happen to have a full time job and even the bare minimum of social commitments then do buy one of those ready made commercial solar panels.

So now having decided to buy the Photo Voltaic Panel, which one should you buy? Well you guessed it, the answer is "It Depends".

Do You Need a Marine Use Solar Panel?

Are you using the solar panels near to high levels of moisture or pool of water like on a boat, near to the beach or even on the pond? If yes then you'll need a well design and built, specialized Solar PV that's certified for marine use. These PV panels do cost a bit more than the standard panels but trust us, you'll be saving money in the long run. Normal panels simply don't cut it and will give you never ending problems like moisture incursions, internal algae growth and permanent water damage.

Of course, if your usage doesn't involve salt water or sustained contact to moisture, then you can save some money with a standard solar PV. Most standard solar panels can cost at least 20-30% less in terms of dollars per watt. However we do recommend using water proofed marine certified panels if the panels are install at hard to reach places where trouble free operations is important.

2. Which Way to Store Solar Energy?

The big question now is how will you store and use the solar energy that you will be generating?

If you are only using solar energy in a limited way to charge your rechargeable batteries like NiCads or Lithium Ions battery packs, then you'll probably need at least a Battery charge controller. Depending on your exact usage you might also need a DC to DC converter for the different required charging voltages and even a larger capacity battery like a 12V car battery. For those unique usage scenarios you might even replace the 12V car battery with a specialized deep cycle gel type large capacity battery.

On-Grid or Off-Grid?

Basically using batteries to store the solar power generated is categorized as an off-grid usage. One approach for off grid solar systems is to use batteries to run DC type appliances like special DC fans or DC refrigerators.

Another approach is to use an off-grid power inverter to convert the DC electrical energy from the batteries to AC (alternate current) electricity that can be use by most AC appliances. The sizing of the off-grid power storage capacity and type is more an art than science because it needs to take in account your usage patterns and the availability of solar energy day to day. The advantage of off grid systems is that it mitigates the problems associated with an unreliable utilities power grid system.

In Singapore where the utilities electrical grid is usually reliable and widely available an on-grid solar system can be very useful. Essential you will only need to connect the on-grid power inverter to the solar panel or panels at one end and to plug the other end into the normal power socket. The differences here is that you don't need any batteries system. The on-grid inverter converts the DC power into a synchronized AC waveform that feeds power into and through the wall power socket.

Depending on your electrical power meter type, your power meter can either run backwards or much slower with the added solar power. Another way is to install the latest version of net power meters by a certified electrical contractor that tracks the flow of power used from the grid as well as the power that your system generates and pumps back into the utilities power grid.

The beauty of this system is that public power grid actually functions as a infinitely (nearly) large capacity battery by storing and redistributing that power. Another key advantage of On Grid systems is that you can use all your existing AC appliances by simply plugging them into your home's power grid that is supplemented by solar energy.

We hope this guide have been useful to you. We like to think that this information will help to accelerate the wide acceptance of solar to supplement Singapore's home energy usage.

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