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Car Tyre Puncture Repair Plug Tool (with 3 free plugs)

Car Tyre Puncture Repair Plug Tool (with 3 free plugs)
Item# 0043-00116
Buy at SGD $25.95
USD $19.95

Product Description

We know you need this tyre puncture repair tool fast so we will use immediate Express Courier delivery which will reach your doorstep usually within 24hrs.

Watch this Video to learn how easy it is to repair your own punctured tyres:


12V Electric Pump for Car Tyre (up to 300 PSI)
Get this handy car tyre electric pump powered by your car's 12V power socket.

This pump is rated for up to maximum pressure of 300 PSI and can fully inflate a completely flat tyre within approximately 5 mins.
Buy at SGD $45.95
USD $35.95
TPMS Wireless Car Tire Pressure/Temp Monitoring System
Clear and crisp 'cool blue' LCD display that shows you your car's individual tyre pressure and temperature readings.

Compact energy efficient wireless tyre plugs will fit most cars on the road in Singapore.

Monitor Dimensions: 75 x 40 x 65mm
Buy at SGD $259.95
USD $199.95
Simoniz Fix It Pro Car Scratch Repair Pen
Fast Express Delivery
The Fixit Pro is a great product that will remove scratches on your car's clear coat paint.

Learn about the amazing benefits of Fix It Pro Car Scratch Repair pen:

This is a clear-coat scratch repair pen, not a paint scratch repair pen. If your scratches are superficial, the Clear Coat Scratch Repair Pen will make the white clear coat scratch disappear - visually. The key to using this product is to follow the instructions closely.

Most clear coat scratches that looks like white lines will no longer be visible with cursory examination. Do not push on the pen tip while you're repairing the scratch or you will release more material than you need.

Its also very important to follow the instruction to only use the pen with your car in the shade (a basement or covered carpark is ideal), because the Fit It liquid will actually harden under the UV sunlight which is how seals the scratch permanently.

Exposing the pen to sunlight will also increased the chance of the spring tip jamming as some of the liquid hardens.

Follow these Simple Steps:

Step 1, Do this in the shade(I had an umbrella over be when I did mine).
Step 2, press down on the about 30-40 time to get the Fix It liquid into the tip.
Step 3, Still be in the shade when you apply it.
Step 4, After appling it wipe off excess with a paper towel.
Step 5, Move the car into the sun for it to harden.

Here's what you'll receive:
x1 Simoniz Fix It Pro Pen
x2 Spare Tips
Buy at SGD $9.95
USD $7.77
Car Tyre Pressure Check Valve Cap (36 PSI)
Having your tyre at the right pressure actually saves your fuel cost and makes your tyre less lightly to fail.

These tyre valve caps screws on in place of your normal valve caps and shows you visually (color Green, Yellow, Red) the status of your tyre pressure.

Package Includes: + Set of 4 Tyre Pressure Caps
(rated at 36 PSI)

Watch this Video on how easy it is to install this on your car tyres:

Buy at SGD $9.95
USD $7.77
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